Middle Orchard Now Belongs to the Village

We Now Own the Middle Orchard Site – On Friday 20 June we completed the purchase of the land for the shop. This plot (roughly, one third of Middle Orchard) now belongs to Bledington Community Shop Ltd, which in turn is owned by 200 of us (and you can join today). For now, there will be no change in the use of the land until we start building – which we expect to do in 2015.  Watch out for updates about events happening on the new shop site.  



Land Purchase

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Well done to everyone on fundraising to date!

Just a quick question I hope someone can answer as it is a point I've heard discussed a number of times around the village ...

Was there a compelling reason (financially) to purchase the land at this point?  It's a sizeable amount of funds so I assume this option was far more attractive than the rental option.  Was the rent significant?




Reply to Paul's comment about renting

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Hi Paul - renting he land was not an option we had.  By buying the land now, we have secured it for the village for ever. Also, the adjacent land is also now protected from future development. Yes, it was a sizeable investment, and it's the first big step to opening the shop.  Let me know if you need more details.  All the best  Ben   



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Thanks for that Ben.  Appreciate the clarification.  Cheers. Paul.