June 2018 Update from Bledington Community Shop

Hello Everyone

 As our Community Share Offer gathered momentum, there were two exciting moments.  The first was when the amount subscribed exceeded the minimum target of £50,000. The second was after the offer closed and we realised how much had been raised—an amazing total of - £73,785 subscribed by 128 people!

What a great end to our share offer, and renewed proof of the genuine desire and support for a new community shop and café in Bledington!  Together with some substantial donations for the shop through the Bledington and Foscot Community Association, nearly £100k was raised in six weeks!  Wow!

What Happens Next?

With the fundraising nearly complete, your Management Committee lost no time in turning attention towards the next step—getting bids from potential contractors. This is not only to ensure we achieve the best value for the village, but also to enable us to complete the full application to the EU LEADER fund, which we aim to submit by the end of June. 

Securing this grant would be worth approximately £30,000 and has always been part of our financing plan.  We have stayed in close touch with the administrators of the fund and have received full advice and encouragement from them.  Invitations to tender were sent out in mid-May to several selected builders we thought most likely to be interested in the project.  Tenders are due back by 15 June.

Visit a community shop

How about visiting a new-style community shop to see what it can offer, and how it looks and feels!  Our model community shop is at Ilmington—if you attended the launch of the share offer, you will recall hearing Tim Allen tell their story.  Penelope Leather has offered to take a group to visit the Ilmington shop and café during the week of June 18th.  If you are interested, contact Penelope on 01608 658686 or at bledingtonshop@gmail.com.

Stay involved
Help out with baking for or serving teas at Chastleton.  See us at Rendezvous on June 15th.  Visit our stand at the Village Fete. With best regards

Michael and Robin McCulloch
01608 658 941