Bledington Shop and Café - March Update

The year has started strongly for the shop.

Awarded Charitable Status – We now have charitable status for the shop.  This means the shop is eligible for donations and awards from larger charities and grant making bodies.  Also, any contributions from individuals are now eligible for gift aid.  Our thanks to Ben Woodward for steering us through the complexity of establishing Bledington and Foscot Community Association (BaFCA). For more information contact Ben Woodward, Ben Ball or Michael Lear.

Profitable Food, Teas and Tourists – Following last year’s hard work showing how brilliant Bledington is baking cakes and serving teas, we have been given 12 dates to serve cream teas at Chastleton House.  Already, over three days in March, the hardworking team raised over £800.  If you want to bake, or get involved serving, contact Louise Angus (658 464).

Host a Lunch, Have Fun and Make a Contribution - Marion Stow set the pace this month with another wonderful lunch for a few friends and neighbours.  With a small contribution from everyone attending, she raised over £200.  You can do this too. just invite some friends and ask for £10 towards the shop. 

Race Night - 29 March - Only a few places left!!   Book your tickets for the Race Night. A great evening of racing, betting, food and drink. Contact Angela Lear, Penelope Leather or Sue Davis

Grand Auction of Promises in May – Please keep Saturday 17th May free.  Also, Louise is looking for someone to help organise this big event.  If you can help or have any great ideas, please contact Louise Angus (658 464).

If we can maintain this pace of activity, we will be laying foundations for the shop in Spring 2015.