About The Shop and Café

The Management Committee

The current members (March 2018) of the Shop Group are:

  • Michael McCulloch (joint Chair)
  • Robin McCulloch (joint Chair)
  • Andrew Packe, Chartered Surveyor, Land Agent, former Chairman of Parish Council
  • Penelope Leather, Solicitor
  • Heather Pearson, Planning Officer
  • Ben Woodward, Local Businessman and Accountant
  • Rebecca Allen, Costume Designer
  • Benjamin Ball, Business Advisor and member of the Parish Council
  • Sigi Lang, Group Secretary
  • Victoria Algar

Please feel free to contact any of them for more information, or if you wish to be involved. either via the website or via shop@bledington.com




A potted history 

March 2018 - Launch of Community Share Offer, with expectation of starting shop build this summer for shop opening by Christmas.  Minimum to raise is £50,000.

February 2018 - Receved HMRC clearance for tax effective SEIS Share Scheme.  Revised business plan and share offer document all in place.

January 2018 - Village survey confirms overwhelming support continues for the shop and cafe. Membership now tops 300 people. 

November 2017 - Total raised to date c £160,000 - only £60,000 more and we can start building

Oct 2017 - Chastleton teas over last 5 years raised £45,000.  Many generous local pledges received.

August 2017 - £30,000 grant received from The Big Potential; membership up to 285.

May 2017 - New design revealed for the shop and cafe. 

November 2016 - Final Chastleton teas of 2016 - total raised this year:  £13,225.  

March 2016 - Chastleton teas started for 2016 - with a target of over £10,000

December 2015 - Preparation and clean up of site.  

June/July 2015 - The Summer Fundraising - To reach the £100,000 local goal 

April 2015       Reach £80,000 target in local community fundriasing

May 2014       Facebook page launched (www.facebook.com/Bledington)

April 2014       Reach £50,000 target in local community fundraising. 

March 2014    Bledington and Foscot Community Association (BaFCA) registered as a charity (Charity Number 1155942) 

Late 2013       Begin funding applications to relevant trusts and charities. 

Late 2013   Begin application for Bledington and Foscot Community Association as a charity.

Throughout 2013 Local fundraising activities underway, raising over £12,000 during the year.

January 2013    Planning Permission granted for the shop on the Old Orchard Site

July 12               Bledington wins Most Resilient Village in Gloucestershire.  Plans for opening village shop are cited as one of the reasons.

June 12              Cotswold Journal prints an article and photo about the shop

Feb  – Jun 12     BCSL stepped up publicity and fundrainsing activities

Feb 2012            Open Village Meeting was held, attended by 110 people.  BCSLofficers  presented detailed plans for  a Community Shop at Middle Orchard, and explained details of the I+PS.   Lively Q+A session.   I&PS membership forms distributed.

Sept 2011             The BSG established BLEDINGTON COMMUNITY SHOP LIMITED as an Industrial & Provident Society.   The BSG members became officers of BCSL.

May 2011              Design access statement was completed.  Research continued on business plan and financial model. Also, discussions with site owner continued.

Sept 10 – May 11 Intensive research continued: other community shops revisited for comparison and detailed research + discussions held with advisors + industry experts

Sept  2010            An independent study of the survey results was commissioned from W Piotrowicz of Oxford University’s Said Business School + the results were published.

Aug 2010             The BSG launched the Bledington Shop website

July 2010              3rd Village Survey planned and carried out  216 households responded (representing 80% of households in the parish), a response rate 42% higher than the 2008 survey.  131 (49% of the households in the parish) thought it ‘important or very important’ to have a shop in the village – 16% more than in the 2008 survey.  23 (8% of households in the village) thought it was ‘not important at all, up from 8 in 2008.

April 2010             A Community Shop Exhibition held. 73 people attended the exhibition, 25 make written comments, of which 22 are positive.

More planning application details ironed out. Building quotes asked for.

Nov 2009              Ongoing discussion/research: the building plans + perspective drawings drafted for the Orchard site, further communications held with CDC’s planning office.

May 2009              BSG reached tentative agreement with owner of Garden Site (later abandoned). Research and planning on all aspects of scheme.

July 2008   Results collated from the second village survey: 152 (56% of households in the parish) responded, 10% more than responded in 2006.  114 (42% of households in the parish) thought it ‘important to very important ‘ to have a village shop; 120 (44% of parish households) expected to use a shop ‘daily to weekly’; 62 (23%) supported the Garden site, 27 (10%) disagreed with it, 63 (23%) wanted to know more; 53 (20%) would volunteer to help run a shop; 28 (10%) were prepared to invest £500 -£10,000 in the project and another 34 (13%) would consider an investment when more details were known.

Nov  2007             The previous shop premises were withdrawn from the market. The BSG conducted a survey other sites (including the Gravel Pit site, adjacent to the new playground, and the Middle Orchard site).  After considerable research, the Middle Orchard site appeared to be the only other viable location for a shop.

Jan 2007               Previous shop premises remained on the market.  The BSG continued its research, visiting 14 community-run shops in the Cotswolds and exploring alternative sites within Bledington.

Oct 2006               BSG conducted a detailed survey of the village, designed to monitor demand for a new shop.  138 households responded (51% of households in the parish).  103 households (38% of parish households) thought a shop in the village was very important or important.  5 households (2% of parish households) thought a shop was ‘not important at all’.

Feb 2006              Existing Shop and Post Office closes, and put up for sale. A group of concerned villagers formed the Bledington Shop Group (BSG) to explore ways of reopening the shop.


Source: BCSL

Last updated: March 2018