The Bledington Parish Council is made up of seven Councillors all of whom are unpaid volunteers and one Clerk who receives a modest salary. Councillors are usually nominated from within the Parish, anyone over the age of eighteen on the electoral roll with a clean criminal record is eligible to stand. Councillors serve for a term of four years after which a new Council will be elected, current Councillors can stand for re-election if they so wish. The present Parish Council will be due for re-election in 2019. If more than seven people stand then a formal election is required.

Parish councils have a number of basic responsibilities in making the lives of local communities more comfortable. Essentially these powers fall within three main categories:

  • Representing the whole electorate within the parish
  • Delivering services to meet local needs
  • Striving to improve quality of life in the parish

The Council is responsible for the provision and maintenance of the Play Areas and its equipment, Village Greens, Church Yard and Cemeteries, trees in public areas, the bus shelter, litter bins the brook and public benches. The Council also monitors the condition of roads and pavements, street lighting, street cleaning etc. within the Parish and report any problems to the District or County Council.

The Parish council represents the residents views on issues such as planning, traffic management etc within the Parish. When decisions are being made they are there to put your views across.

The Council sets its own budget. Money is raised from the Parish share of the Council Tax (precept), the sale of cemetery space and rent from the Gravel Pit field (next to the play area).  The accounts can be viewed at any time by prior arrangement with the Clerk.

Regular meetings
First Monday of every month from 8pm

The Council usually meets 11 times a year on the first Monday of the month in the village hall.  Meetings start at 8pm and the Agenda is displayed a week beforehand on the three notice boards in the Village.  Minutes are published in the Bledington news.

Members of the public are welcome to attend any Parish Council Meeting

How to get involved :
Members of the public are welcome to attend the monthly meetings but may only speak when the meeting is adjourned for questions from the public.

In addition, there is an annual open meeting where residents can speak on any issues they are concerned about within the Parish. Village organisations are invited to submit their annual reports and our District and County Councillors are invited to attend where they report on District and County matters affecting the village.  They are also available to answer questions from members of the public.


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