Parish Council Minutes October 2015

Minutes of the meeting on 5th October 2015 at 8.00 pm in the Kings Head Attending: Councillors Mr. R Pearson (Chairman) Mr. M Newton (Vice-Chair) Mr. B Ball, Mrs. R Pawley, Mr. S Tyack, Mr. N Jackson together with Mrs. A Newton (Clerk) Apologies for Absence: Mr. A Tait, Public: 1 member of the public Meeting opened at 8.00 pm. Mr. R Pearson wished to register the Parish Councils grateful thanks to Mr. A Orr-Ewing for the use of the Kings Head and he also welcomed District Councillor Julian Beale to the meeting. 1. Minutes of Previous Meeting: It was proposed by Mrs. R Pawley seconded by Mr. S Tyack that the minutes of the meeting of 7th September 2015 were taken as read, agreed as a true and correct record and signed by Mr. R Pearson (Chair) 2. Matters Arising: Allotments - Mr. Pearson has been trying to contact the owner of the previously identified land but without success, he will continue trying and report back at the next meeting, Hedge bordering Gravel Pit field - Mr. R Pearson will speak to the tenant and ask that this be cut back and kept under control. Repairs to the banks of the brook - Mr. Newton will liaise with Mr. Mustoe and keep the Council updated. Password for accounts - The Clerk gave the password to Mr. R Pearson for security purposes as required by the Councils Financial regulations. Mill flood gates - Mrs. Pawley reported that she had been shown the whereabouts of the key to the Mill gates but had not as yet been shown how to operate the mechanism. The owners of the Mill are happy for delegated persons to operate the mechanism consequently Mr. Pearson and Mrs. Pawley will liaise with the flood committee to decide a strategy. Police Commissioners meeting - Mr. Newton attended an open meeting with the Police and Crime Commissioner and gave the following report. Following a meeting between the Gloucestershire Police Commissioner and Town & Parish Councillors the following is felt to be relevant to Bledington. The Governments austerity measures will mean a further cut to the Police Force budget of £11.5million over the next three years, this will mean further cuts to Uniformed and Non-uniformed staff, it is planned to replace the Uniformed staff with trained volunteers (Special Constables). PCSO’s will be kept but numbers may reduce in line with overall staff reductions. A new electronic recording system is being brought online, this means that Police Officers will no longer need to go to a Police Station to complete the paperwork involved in their investigations allowing them to spend more time “on the street”. However the Commissioner warned that if austerity measures continue beyond these latest planned cuts the service will face serious problems. The Mobile Police Stations, which have recently been withdrawn due to age and the cost of maintenance and repair, are being replaced by new vehicles although at present how they are operated is still to be decided. There are no plans to amalgamate Gloucestershire Constabulary with any other force, amalgamation is not wanted or needed. Full funding is available for the Community Speedwatch scheme direct from the Commissioners office to the Gloucestershire Road Safety Partnership, the Commissioner will investigate the problems that the Bledington group have experienced. With regard to speeding enforcement, the returns sent by the speedwatch group should be used as a basis for targeted speed enforcement by local Officers, as this is obviously not happening in Bledington the Commissioner will ask the Senior Officer responsible to look into the matter. It is also possible for us to request the attendance of the mobile speed enforcement camera. The Councils thanks are extended to Mr. Newton for attending the meeting. Working Party – Thanks go to Mr. B Ball and Mr. N Jackson for arranging and advertising the working party, there was a really good turnout with upwards of twenty people attending to clear the brook of weed and debris. The Parish Councils thanks are extended to all who attended; thanks are also extended to Mr. Orr-Ewing of The Kings Head for providing refreshments. The planned repairs to the footbridge did not go ahead but will be completed within the next two weeks. School Parking - A reply was received from Mr. R Skillern from Gloucestershire Highways who will be happy to meet with all parties but has asked for this to be delayed until the results of the School Safety Zone Assessment, which is being arranged by Councillor Nigel Moor, is complete. Councillor Beale will liaise with Councillor Moor and Mr. Skillern to ensure that the Safety Survey is completed as soon as possible. Zip wire - Mr. M Newton reported that he had adjusted the zip wire to the appropriate height. Funding for repairs to the banks of the brook - Councillor Beale reported that the funding source that he had in mind for the brook proved not to be appropriate in this instant. Big Feastavil comments - The Clerk reported that she had completed and returned the feedback form to WODC Licensing Authority and had received an acknowledgment. The Licensing Authority believe that there will be a feedback meeting to which we will be invited. 3. Accounts for Payment: It was proposed by Mr. B Ball and seconded by Mr. M Newton that the following payments should be made: P Jones Grass cutting £680.00 Clerk Wages £563.39 AON Insurance £984.93 Pestakers Moles £81.00 4. Correspondence: M & D Gardening Services offered a no obligation quote for Green Mowing in the Parish; the Council discussed this and deferred it to the December Meeting when the precept will be set. The annual renewal for the text service for the Flooding Group is due in 60 days. Mr. Pearson will discuss this with Mr. L White and report to the November meeting. An email was received informing the Council of road closures in October for resurfacing work. An invitation to the Town and Parish Liaison meetings with the District Council was received. Councillor Beale stressed how important it is for the Parish Council to be represented at this meeting so Mr. R Pearson and Mr. M Newton will attend on behalf of the Parish Council. 5. Planning Mr. and Mrs. Menzel the new owners of Barn Cottage presented revised plans to the Council; the Council discussed this and were able to clarify any points with the owners who invited Councillors to inspect the property. The Council will have an opportunity to comment when the application is submitted to the Planning Dept. Trees, 9 Old Forge Close. The Council cannot comment on applications for tree works. Trees, Firs Close. The Council cannot comment on applications for tree works. Location: Pebbly Hill Farm Proposal: Demolition of existing Agricultural building and replace with stables and new Agricultural building. This was discussed and it was decided that there was concern that the double doors opening onto the bridleway which may cause an obstruction. This will be communicated to the Planning Department. 6. Adjournment for questions from the Public: District Councillor Beale reported that the two pest control officers for CDC have now left and this service is now being taken over by UBICO with prices remaining the same. He reported that he had been to a meeting reference broadband with Fastershire and Gigaclear, following this meeting he was still awaiting a promised update. Mr. Jackson reported that he had an email from Gigaclear stating that they will not be covering this area. Mr. Ball pointed out that the problem in Bledington was that our exchange (Kingham) is in Oxfordshire whilst the village is in Gloucestershire and although the village now has a new green cabinet there is no sign of a fibre optic connection with the exchange. The Parish Council is keen to have a definite date when this work will be completed. Councillor Beale stated that this situation is ongoing and he will pursue the matter with Fastershire. He reported that Stow surgery had applied for two separate planning permissions, the plans for The Gypsy Field had been rejected but the proposal for Tall Trees had been passed. Councillor Moor said that there may be funding available if we wish to install White Dummy Gates at each end of the Village, the Council will give this consideration in the future. 7. Any Other Business: Mrs. Pawley reported that the parking in the road outside the station was still a problem even though the new car park extension is open. The Clerk will write to the Churchill Clerk to see if there is an update on the progress of the proposed double yellow lines. Mr. B Ball has written two letters on behalf of the Council reference broadband availability and will report back at the next meeting. Mr. S Tyack reported that the gullies at the Foscot junction need emptying and that the hedges on the Icomb road need cutting back, he will speak to the land owner in question about he hedges and Gloucestershire Highways about the gullies. Mr. R Pearson said that this will be the last meeting in the Kings Head and all subsequent meetings will be held in the Village Hall. The thanks of the Parish Council are extended to Mr. Orr-Ewing and the staff of the Kings Head for accommodating the Council whilst the repairs to the Village Hall have been carried out.