Parish Council Minutes March 2018

Bledington Parish Council

Minutes of the meeting on 5th March, 2018 at 8.00pm in the Village Hall.


Councillors Mr M Newton (Vice-Chair), Mr S Tyack, Mrs R Pawley together with Mrs C Allen (Clerk).

Apologies for Absence: Mr R Pearson (Chair), Mr A Tait, Mr B Ball, Mr N Jackson, Mrs A Newton (Clerk).

Public: 2 and District Councillor J Beale and County Councillor N Moor.

Meeting opened at 8.05pm

1.     Minutes of Previous Meeting:

It was proposed by Mrs R Pawley and seconded by Mr S Tyack that the minutes of the meeting of 5th February, 2018 were taken as read, agreed as a true and correct record and signed by Mr M Newton (Vice-Chair).

2.    Appointment of new Clerk – Mr Newton asked if the Councillors had seen the Contract and were in agreement, this was proposed by Mr S Tyack and seconded by Mrs R Pawley carried unanimously. Mr Newton explained that Anne would continue as Clerk together with Christine until the end of April to ease the transition and to complete the audit and welcomed Christine as the new Clerk.

3.     Matters Arising:

Notice Boards – Mr Tyack said that everything was just the same at the moment.

Kissing Gate – Mr Pearson is waiting for advice from the footpath warden.

Second Defibrillator – Mr Newton reported that phone box which will house the defibrillator is still not ready but once it is completed the new defibrillator can be moved. Mr Tyack explained that Mr Tait was going to organise a team once the weather had improved to clean and tidy up the phone box in preparation for the defibrillator.

H Gibbs Bench – Mr Newton reported that the delivery has been delayed until the end of March.

Thames Water – Mr Newton reported that this is still ongoing.

Church Paths – Mr Pearson is waiting for the Church Wardens to report back to him.

Little Lane – Mr Tyack said that the work had not yet been done.

Bus Shelter Seat – Mrs R Pawley reported that the seat is now in place. Mr Newton said that Mr Paul Jones who was engaged to carry out the work had done an excellent job and the thanks of the Parish Council are extended to him.

Play Equipment – Mr Newton reported that he has not yet had time to investigate this matter but will do so in the near future.

Gigaclear – Mr Newton advised that the Clerk had emailed Gigaclear who then asked Complete Utilities to contact the Parish Council. They sent a representative to meet Mr Newton and Mr Pearson and he explained that the plan was to repair the verges and re-seed the green once the weather allows. Mr Newton said that he was disappointed with Gigaclear and wondered if the complaints made by the Parish Council about the work would be taken on board. Mr Moor said that Gigaclear had a statutory duty to carry out the works but would let the Clerk know the full email address of the person in charge for Mr Newton to be able to contact.   Mr Newton advised that he was told by the representative that the work carried out by Gigaclear had not yet finished in the village. They were waiting for Way-Leave to carry out the work near the church and were also unclear if work will be carried out in Jackson Road once they go up Church Lane.

Annual Litter Pick – Mr Newton reported that he had ordered bags and stickers and Mr Jackson has in storage the pickers, gloves etc.

4.     Accounts for Payment:

It was proposed by Mrs R Pawley and seconded by Mr S Tyack that the following payments should be made:

Paul Jones     Work in Parish                   £180.00              

M Newton       Printer Cartridges              £ 19.50

5.    Correspondence:

A letter and poster was received from Cotswold District Council informing of a public consultation on the modifications to the local plan.

6.     New Grass Cutting Contract:

Mr Newton said that Mr Paul Jones is willing to carry on with the contract and will do the work at the same price as last year.  A new contract has been raised and this was proposed by Mr Tyack and seconded by Mrs Pawley. This was carried unanimously.

7.     Training for weed spraying:

Mr Newton reported that due to the website information being unclear the cost of training for weed spraying will total approximately £500. This will still represent a considerable saving instead of engaging outside Companies to carry out the work. This was discussed and it was proposed by Mrs Parley and seconded by Mr Tyack that the council would finance this course. This was carried unanimously.

8.     Planning:

There was no planning.

9.     Adjournment for questions from the Public:

A member of the public made a suggestion that if anyone passed away and left a lump sum of money that perhaps it could be used to finance the News Letter. Mr Newton commented that if someone bequeaths a bench then the Parish Council would have to respect that but in the event of a recurrence the Parish Council may be able to discuss the request with relatives of the deceased.  

10.    Any other business:

Mr Tyack reported that the fence posts in the play area had all gone rotten and that a new fence is needed. Mr Newton said that Mr Jones is already investigating the problems with the fence and his report will be included in the April Agenda for discussion.

Mr Newton reported that Bledington History Society has closed and they have a sum of money which in their constitution states that it has to be donated to the Parish Council if it falters. Mr Newton asked for the councillors to give some thought as what to use the money for in the future.

Mr Newton stated that the hedge in the new Cemetery is becoming a problem and is encroaching on to the graves. He thought that the hedge may belong to the Parish Council but this would need to be clarified. Mrs Pawley said she would email Mr Mash to try to confirm who the hedge belongs to.

Mr Newton reported that part of the tree in the War Memorial Cemetery has fallen down and that Mr Paul Jones has made it safe. He said that it looks as though it may be have to be removed completely and he asked the councillors to view both the Cemetery hedge and this tree for discussion at the April meeting.

Mr Newton reported that the Parish Council had received a request from the relatives of Gabe Winlaw who sadly passed away recently. They have asked if an angel may be used be on the cremation plot. Mr Newton commented that Mr Pearson was going to try to get more details and can be discussed at the next meeting.

County Councillor Nigel Moor reported that Gloucestershire County Council had unfortunately had to increase the council tax to over 4% this year but that this meant that they had been able to increase the spending on help with the Elderly and also Child Protection. He advised that the Lengthmans Scheme would be continuing and reminded the meeting to enquire about any work needed. Mr Moor said that he will have access to a new budget which will be to help community projects and the Bledington News letter maybe something that could be eligible for a possible grant. Mr Moor hoped that the LED street lighting in Bledington would be completed during this next year. He also spoke about the possible A417 link eventually between the M4 and M5 which would take some of the HGV traffic which is using the Fosse networks at the moment and which Highways England are consulting on at the moment. Mr Moor stated that Tarmac will be taking over from Ameys next year as the main highways contractor.

District Councillor Julian Beale reported that Cotswold District Council is in a financially good position and there would be no increase in Council Tax Rates. Mr Beale advised there was to be some additional youth funding from CDC and said that the Guides could apply again. Mrs Pawley will pass this on to Mrs C Gooding.

He also reminded the meeting that CDC have made available a modest amount of their budget to mark the WW1 Centenary for next year and it may be possible to get funding for the problems brought up in the Cemetery.

Meeting closed at 8.45pm.

Date and time of next meeting: 9th April, 2018 8.00pm

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