Parish Council Minutes December 2017

Minutes of the meeting on 11th December 2017 at 8.00 pm in the Village Hall



Councilors Mr. R Pearson (Chair), Mr. M Newton (Vice-Chair) Mr. A Tait, Mr. B Ball, Mr. N Jackson, Mr. S Tyack, Mrs. R Pawley, together with Mrs. A. Newton (Clerk)

Apologies for Absence: County Councilor Mr. N Moor

Public:  District Councilor Mr. J Beale 

Meeting opened at 8.00 pm


1.    Minutes of Previous Meeting:

It was proposed by Mr. N Jackson and seconded by Mr. S Tyack that the minutes of the meeting of 6th November 2017 were taken as read, agreed as a true and correct record and signed by Mr. R Pearson (Chair)


2.    Matters Arising:

Notice Boards – Mr. Tyack will complete this when time and weather allow.

Kissing gate – Mr. Pearson has yet to contact the footpath warden but will do so at his earliest opportunity.

Second Defibrillator – Mr. Newton reported that he had spoken to Kevin Dickens from the “South West Ambulance Service” who informed him that “Community Heartbeat Trust” is no longer the preferred supplier of Community Defibrillators, the current preferred supplier is “Cardiac Science”. They can supply a Defibrillator, Cabinet and an 8-year complete care package for almost £500 less than the quote received from CHT. The council discussed this, and it was decided to place an order with Cardiac Science for one with a no lock cabinet as recommended by SWAS. Mr. Newton also reminded the meeting that preparations need to be put in hand to make the phone box ready for the fitting of the new defibrillator, and an electrician will need to be engaged to make the electrical connections. The Clerk reported that the grant of £500 for the defibrillator had been received from CDC, the Parish Council’s thanks are extended to DC Julian Beale for his assistance with this grant.

Weed in Brook – Mr. Newton reported that great difficulty was being experienced finding a company willing to take on this work, however following further research it is possible for the spraying to be carried out by the Parish Council provided the person applying for permission to spray from the EA holds a certificate to say that they have been trained to spray weed killer on or near water. Training is available for approximately £160, and Mr. Pearson has volunteered to attend a course. It is hoped that this will be completed in time for the growing season next spring.

H Gibbs bench – Mr. Newton read out a preferred text for the plaque on the bench, the council agreed this, and Mr. Newton will place the order as previously agreed.

Play area – Mr. Jones has removed one of the tree trunks, and the second will be removed in time. These will then be replaced when new logs become available.

Cutting Back Trees – This has now been completed together with the pollarding of the large willow on The Green.

Nigel Moor email – The drainage gullies in Chapel Lane have been cleared and the gully outside the Old Shop replaced, the Clerk will email CC N Moor to thank him. The Clerk reported that she had sent CC N Moor a list of jobs for the lengthmans scheme in January, this included clearing the footpath in Stow Road and cleaning of road signs.

Thames Water – The Clerk reported that she had sent the agreed letter to the Thames Water agent but to date had received no reply.

Precept – This will be an agenda item in January.

Community Projects Scheme – Mr. B Ball will liaise with DC Julian Beale to see if this could be of use to the Village Shop.

Cotswold Carriers – Mr. Pearson has spoken to the proprietor and the situation has improved.



3.    Accounts for Payment:

It was proposed by Mr. M Newton and seconded by Mrs. R Pawley that the following payments should be made:

Mr. P Jones                 Grasscutting                           £430.00



4.    Correspondence:

Community Led Planning. – A letter was received from Barbara Pond asking what if any action had been taken by the Parish with regard to Local or Parish Plans. It was decided that we broadly fell within item d) Has considered but rejected doing a neighbourhood development plan. Before the Clerk replies Mr B Ball will speak to some people in the village who, he is aware, may wish to take this further.


A letter was received from Mrs. A Mackesy re Traffic calming measures on the B4450 at the old railway bridge, beside the Icomb turn. This was discussed, and the letter was forwarded to County Councilor Nigel Moor with the Parish Councils support for any measures.


5.    WW1 Celebrations Grant:

At present there are no plans within the village to mark the 100 year anniversary of the end of the First World War. Mr. B Ball will discuss with DC Julian Beale the possibility of some form of permanent memorial outside the shop when it is built.


6.    Annual Audit:

The arrangements for the Annual Audit have been changed as from the next due audit in April/May 2018. Due to our small financial turnover we are no longer required to submit to an external audit, we will need to arrange our own Internal Audit the results of which are required to be posted on the website. Since the retirement of Mr. B Way, who has carried out our internal audit for many years, the council need to engage an internal auditor in time for the audit in 2018. Gloucestershire Association of Town & Parish Councils have a team of auditors who can carry out this task for us at a cost of £160 + expenses. It was decided that as we will be saving money by not having to pay for an External Audit, the GAPTC auditors will be engaged as next year’s Internal Auditors. The Clerk will complete the letter of appointment and bring it to the January meeting for council approval.



7.    Planning:

A Full application 17/04351/FUL for external alterations to existing outbuilding at Barn Cottage, The Green, Bledington, was received and discussed. It was decided to Lodge an Objection on the grounds of excessive number of windows and the subsequent change of appearance of the existing barn.



8.    Adjournment for questions from the Public:

DC Julian Beale reported that the CDC Local Plan is being examined by the Government Inspector and the signs are good for this being approved.

He also reported that work has now started on the new Stow Surgery.



9.    Any other Business:

Mrs. Pawley reported on the growing amount of burglaries throughout the village, the police appear to be un-interested and have said that with the growing amount of CCTV in the towns, criminals are turning their attentions to rural areas. It was asked whether it would be possible for some CCTV to be installed in the village. The PC felt that this would require much more research and enquiry and should be an agenda item for January, Mr. Algar the Neighbourhood Watch coordinator will be invited.

Mr. Jackson reported that it seems that most residents are not aware of the reason for the current roadworks throughout the village. It seems that some residents have received a letter, but most have not, other Councilors also reported receiving similar complaints. The Clerk pointed out that the Parish Council have received no communication whatsoever from any source about these works. DC Julian Beale reported that these works are to lay a dedicated fibre optic cable which will be an asset to the village, he will supply the company’s contact details to Mr. Jackson who will make contact on behalf of the Parish Council to voice the PC’s disappointment at the lack of any communication and to find out exactly what advantages to the residents these works will have. Mr. Jackson will write an explanation for publication in the next edition of the Bledington News.

Mr. Ball asked about the kerbstones on the Green, Mr. Pearson explained that this was in hand, but he would speak to Mr. Skillern to see if there was any timescale.

Mr. Ball also asked if the School Safety Zone was operational, as far as the PC are aware this is waiting for connection to the power supply.

Mr. Pearson asked for the Councils approval for the wording on the Cremation plaque for H.V DeVater, this was passed.

Mr. Pearson said that the paths within the Churchyard require some attention, he will ask for the opinion of the Church Wardens before deciding exactly what work is required, this will then be carried out in the spring.


Meeting closed at 9.45pm.

Date and Time of next Meeting: 15th January 2017